“Are You Bothering Me?”

The hallway was outside an auditorium at a Christian university near where I live.

A young boy climbed on an empty table and laid down. He was face down, with his head hanging over the edge so he could look under the table.

His father reached over and tickled him. The boy asked with a smile, “Are you bothering me?”

Laughing, Dad said, “Yes I was. I thought you needed bothering.”

And, of course, they both laughed a little more, and the boy got off the table. And I chuckled too.

Virtually every day God provides a little moment of lightness, a glimpse of humor, a small encouragement. But when I’m a bit too serious, or a bit too worried, I don’t notice.

God encouraged Elijah with “a small, still whisper” in 1 Kings 19:12. I thank God that He loves me, and loves me enough to bother me, maybe even hoping to see me smile.

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

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