“Sleep, a Spiritual Experience”

I enjoy a nice nap every now and then. In fact, I enjoy sleeping late too.

And, I never really thought of sleeping as a spiritual experience, until it occurred to me one night, while I couldn’t get to sleep:

I’ve known some children who were afraid to go to sleep. They were afraid that something bad would happen when they weren’t watching.

When I give in to sleep, I’m giving up control. I’m trusting God. What could be more spiritual? I suppose that’s why Jesus was able to sleep in a boat in the storm!

Matthew 8:23-25

Dave “Tud” Nance
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“Big Windows”

I always enjoy huge windows.

They let me enjoy nature while protecting me from the bugs and weather.

But neither can I experience the joy of God’s world in person. That’s the cost of protecting myself.

I do need to be prudent. I don’t need to be rash. But when I try to avoid pain and loss I also never experience love and growth!

So it’s crucial that I remember the Lord’ promise to never allow me into a situation without also giving me His strength, and a way to escape!

1 Corinthians 10:13
Dave “Tud” Nance

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“Buildings and Bushes”

It seems that everywhere town planners put beautiful trees and bushes next to their buildings. And we do it to our homes too!

It’s as if we want to enjoy parts of nature, but be protected from the rest of it.

I feel this way about God Himself, sometimes too!

I want Him near me. But some parts of my life I protected from Him. I’d rather He just bless me instead of improving me.

Paul warned about having a form of godliness, but denying His power in my life.

I hope I’m not like that.

2 Timothy 3:5
Dave “Tud” Nance

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“A Good Enough Pot”

My wife loves flowers of all sorts. And she sees beauty where I see little or nothing.

One day she planted a seedling in a really ugly blue plastic coffee can.

I asked her why that ugly can?

She explained: “When the flower is strong enough, I’ll re-plant it in a place that shows off its real beauty.”

Likewise, Paul suggested that our present sufferings aren’t even worthy to compare to the glory we’ll have in Him. (Romans 8:18)

If my life is ugly today, He’s promised that one day, in Him, it will be worth real beauty.

Romans 8:18
Dave “Tud” Nance

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“Bingham’s Squirrel”

My neighbor, 7 year old Bingham, wanted to have a squirrel eat out of her hand, but naturally, the squirrel was afraid, so wouldn’t come to her.

So she laid the food by the tree and waited at a distance. Every day. After a month, she waited a bit closer to the food, and moved closer each week.

Eventually, the squirrel (she named it Lucy) learned to trust her.

Likewise, maybe I’m pushing so hard, too hard, for what I want, what I need. I really need to learn to trust Jesus more, and go slowly.

John 16:12
Dave “Tud” Nance

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“Taken For Granted”

I’ve Been Taken for Granted!

I don’t suppose anyone enjoys being taken for granted. I want people to appreciate me.

But, maybe being taken for granted is a compliment!

It means I can be trusted. Counted on. Relied on.

Kids rely on parents. Spouses count on each other. I want to be trusted by my boss. And if I can’t be taken for granted, then I’m not trusted.

I’m glad people can take me for granted, although I wish they wouldn’t.

After all, I trust God. I take Him for granted too.

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

“Intentional Beauty?”

I suppose you’ve occasionally noticed the tremendous beauty that exists in the world. A flower. A sunset. The music of a mother’s lullaby!

Of course, it isn’t everywhere. And that’s simply the way it has to be, since if everything were beautiful, then we’d have no way to notice beauty when we see or hear it. After all, beauty is a comparison with something less beautiful.

But, I’ve asked myself why does beauty exist? And why are not all things beautiful?

As Psalm 27:4 suggests “…it is good to behold the beauty of the Lord.”

I’m convinced that beauty exists to draw me closer to God. If I’ll simply take a moment to admire it, I’m naturally led to admire the one who created it.

So beauty, like everyone and everything God creates, has a purpose. A beautiful purpose. So I pray that I pay attention or I’ll miss much of the world’s beauty—and the beauty in you!

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

“God Found Me”

I forget to notice. I’m so focused on what I want, that I overlook what’s right in front of me.

A couple of days ago I woke up in the recliner, and began to look everywhere for my glasses.

With a wry smile, my wife pointed to the top of my head, where they silently waited while I slept.

Same thing happens with my phone! I’ll be talking on my phone and start searching for it with the other hand!

I forget to notice.

Although I need spiritual strength, I probably focus too much time looking for it, because God has already found me. It’s just that I forget to notice.

After all, God sent His only begotten Son… (John 3:16)

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

“A Better Route?”

In the days before GPS and Google Maps, a friend of mine (let’s say Carl) told how he mapped
out the shortest route on a rather long trip.

He used all the info he could get his hands on.

Despite his best efforts, he arrived only after quite a few stops and delays.
But one of the locals suggested to him a better route back home.

Carl remarked, “Isn’t that like life? We make our best decisions but the short cuts aren’t shorter after all.”

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.
Having someone who knows the route makes all the difference.
And, I need to be willing to listen.

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

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