“Great Things From Below”

I saw Mt. Fuji from below, in Tokyo. It’s massive, impressive. I hiked it and saw the cities far below. Even the most impressive buildings and roads looked small, like a map.From below, every day, I can see great things. But from the heights, even great things seem less than what they are. Mostly they... Continue Reading →

“Fresh Bread”

I drove by a bread factory, and Wow! What a melt-in-your-mouth aroma!Then I thought that maybe bread is a graceful parable.Think of the divine harmony between God’s work and ours coming together for good benefit, nourishment, taste, and sharing. It’s really simple: flour, water, yeast. But, without our effort, wheat is just another grass seed.Yet our... Continue Reading →

“A Twist Tie”

I use twist ties for lots of things--bread bags, computer wires that snake across my office, organizing loose keys, and so forth. And, unfortunately, I sometimes treat people a bit like twist-ties, looking mostly for what makes them useful. Yett in my more spiritual moments I remember that people aren’t things. I need to love... Continue Reading →

“A Disaster”

I’ve experienced disaster. Sometimes it’s impersonal, as with hurricanes, tornados, floods and the election of politicians I believe are corrupt. Sometimes it’s very personal: Death. Illness. Being fired. But I absolutely must remember Jesus’s redemption promise! He not only gives me strength to endure these tests. He gives me the deep-down promise that these aren’t... Continue Reading →

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