“Fresh Bread”

I drove by a bread factory, and Wow! What a melt-in-your-mouth aroma!Then I thought that maybe bread is a graceful parable.Think of the divine harmony between God’s work and ours coming together for good benefit, nourishment, taste, and sharing. It’s really simple: flour, water, yeast. But, without our effort, wheat is just another grass seed.Yet our... Continue Reading →

“A Fearless Coward?”

I’m sitting outside at Harding University, under their ancient gnarly oaks. And sitting five feet from me is a red fox squirrel, chomping on some sort of a nut. It’s acting for all the world as if I were a rock.Usually squirrels run from the slightest movement. Except here—where they’ve learned trust. And Jesus wants... Continue Reading →

“Beautiful Cover-up”

In India, women like to stain their feet and hands with a light, reddish-brown color. They call it Mehendi. It’s beautiful. But there’s a reason for this fashion—the daily grime of living in poverty. It’s a beautiful cover-up. Spiritually, I beautifully cover-up my selfishness and pride under the color of the good that I do... Continue Reading →

“Even Better Than Before”

I had just bought a small birdhouse basket.  At home, I noticed a small natural gap in the wood. So, I decided to use some carpenter’s glue and a small nail. After the repair, I realized that the basket was stronger than it was originally. And isn't that how it is, in Christ? We’re filled... Continue Reading →

“Bricks and Blocks”

I sat in my friend’s driveway. So, I noticed the bricks in his house, each absolutely identical. Then I began to notice that each one was actually quite unique. They’re identical only when I don’t pay attention. People too—we look, and maybe even act like so many other people.But God created us as individual. He knows... Continue Reading →

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