“A Swimming Pool”

We have a small swimming pool, the above ground type.

It isn’t much, but it’s work! The wind blows in dust, becoming mud on the bottom.

Leaves and other junk constantly fall into it. And, the bugs. Surface bugs, swimming bugs. And even spiders.

Oh, and let’s not forget the chemicals. Too few and the water is green. Too much and it melts bathing suits (not really). It takes a good bit of attention to have a nice little swimming pool.

My spiritual life is similar: Being a spiritual Christian really takes as much attention.

How much attention am I paying to my relationship with Jesus and his people? I know He’s encouraging me to do better in that department.

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

“Taken For Granted”

I’ve Been Taken for Granted!

I don’t suppose anyone enjoys being taken for granted. I want people to appreciate me.

But, maybe being taken for granted is a compliment!

It means I can be trusted. Counted on. Relied on.

Kids rely on parents. Spouses count on each other. I want to be trusted by my boss. And if I can’t be taken for granted, then I’m not trusted.

I’m glad people can take me for granted, although I wish they wouldn’t.

After all, I trust God. I take Him for granted too.

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

Is It About Me? Or We?

“Such happiness as life is capable of comes from full participation…” –John Dewey, Living Philosophies (A.D. 1931)

Revelation 2:1 To the angel of the church of Ephesus write, “These things says He who holds the seven stars in His right hand, who walks in the midst of the seven golden lampstands.”

There have been times when the church has been a pretty low priority in my life, despite my commitment to Christ.

And during those times I wonder, how have I developed this attitude?

Oh, I’ve never abandoned His church. I’ve never acted as if it were nothing. But at times it’s been rather irrelevant in my day-to-day activities.

I’ve never been persuaded by things like the 1960’s excuse: “Give me the man, not the plan,” or the frequently heard: “My personal relationship with Christ is all I need.”

But when I remember that all seven of these letters in Revelation are Jesus’ personal words “to the angel of the church in…” I find myself questioning my own attitude.

After all, some of these seven churches had problem members. Some of the congregations I would call problem churches. And all of them faced serious challenges from the world.

But no matter how bad the church problems were, I actually notice that Jesus never says, “My children, it’s only I who am important, so if the church doesn’t work for you then forget it.”

He never seems to tell me, “You don’t need this church—the church I died for—all you need is Me.” That just doesn’t seem to be His recommendation. 

So I tell myself a hard truth: It’s hard to call myself a disciple if I refuse to think like the Master!

Jesus had excuses to abandon these churches. He even had reasons. But He didn’t abandon them. Maybe I shouldn’t either.

“God Found Me”

I forget to notice. I’m so focused on what I want, that I overlook what’s right in front of me.

A couple of days ago I woke up in the recliner, and began to look everywhere for my glasses.

With a wry smile, my wife pointed to the top of my head, where they silently waited while I slept.

Same thing happens with my phone! I’ll be talking on my phone and start searching for it with the other hand!

I forget to notice.

Although I need spiritual strength, I probably focus too much time looking for it, because God has already found me. It’s just that I forget to notice.

After all, God sent His only begotten Son… (John 3:16)

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

“A Bit Too Warm”

I watched my father-in-law turn a rusty knife into a beautiful, shining blade with a razor-sharp edge.

He simply used a sanding belt in his shop. He was careful not to press too hard or too long in any one spot.

The blade got pretty warm, a bit uncomfortable to hold.

Life is like that sometimes. Just a bit too hot for comfort. So I try to remember that I’m in the Master’s hand. He’s sharpening me, and I’ll be better for it.

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

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