“Golf or Tennis”

I noticed when I cut into a tennis ball it’s completely empty. Yet, when I’ve cut golf balls they’re solid to the core.

I’ve also noticed that golf balls outdistance tennis balls every time.

Maybe, when I feel like my life is bouncing and not getting very far, Christ is only on the outer edge of my thoughts and my moment to moment decisions.

I need to allow Jesus to fill my life, fill it to the core. Possibly then I’ll be ready for the long distance, rather like a golf ball.

Psalm 119:11

Dave “Tud” Nance
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“A Special Unity”

Harding University’s central park has almost a hundred huge oak, elm, poplar and hickory trees. A nature preserve of beautiful monuments to God’s natural creation.

But when I look closer — hidden among the gnarled roots — electric sockets for students to power their computers while sitting under the trees.

What an image of our lives: His creation, tended by the ones created in His own image — us.

God, in Jesus, has empowered me (and you) to participate in His awesome work. His awesome life. His awesome dream.

Me with God. You with God. Us together. What an awesome thought!

Psalm 46:10

Dave “Tud” Nance
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“Spooky Books”

I like reading spooky books.

One author wrote: “Scary stories sell because everyone fears a lot of things that won’t happen. Even things that have no chance of happening.”

I suppose, for myself, my life is so blessed that I enjoy moments of anxiety with the characters of the movie. But if I were mired in anguish and fear for real, I’d not be interested in a scary book.

The spiritual difference is that I have hope. A deep hope because, in Christ, “all things work together for good.” I pray I can maintain this faith.

Romans 8.28

Dave “Tud” Nance
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“Shingles, Not on a Roof”

A friend tells me his wife now has shingles. The discomfort—unbelievable! And this on top of her chronic muscle pain.

He wasn’t complaining for her. Quite the opposite—he was impressed with her!

She’s always kind, even to cashiers and waiters, usually ending with “…and God bless you.”

I find it easy to focus on my own pain and aggravation. But like her, maybe I can focus less on my issues.

After all: “The sufferings of this present time aren’t even worthy to be compared to the glory that will be revealed…” (Romans 8.18)

Romans 18:8

Dave “Tud” Nance
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“Shared Hope”

I suppose that most of us have had moments, when hope was as scarce as eggs in a hardware store.

But God’s hope somehow manages to creep into my heart!

And, I’ve noticed something— when I keep hope to myself it seems to fade like a whisper of a dream.

My hope is more powerful when I share it with someone. And David too felt the power of shared hope:

Therefore my heart is glad
and my tongue rejoices
my body also will live in hope! (Psalm 16:9)

Hope, yes! But hopefully, a hope shared!

Psalm 16:9

Dave “Tud” Nance
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“Below the Surface”

I sat outside in the lobby of family court where divorce and custody are dealt with.

Several other families also waited for their cases to be called.
Everyone seemed to be calm, and most were even pleasant.

Yet, inside everyone, tension was high. Passion seethed. Smiles veiled anger and hurt.
Some even laughed or chuckled, it was obviously forced.

Life isn’t always calm or pleasant, even when it seems so. And family court isn’t the only
place it’s that way.

I suppose it’s when stakes are highest that I need to remind myself that Jesus is my true
help. He has been there—and He is here.

So, I may be anxious, but I need not be worried. There is a difference.
“Don’t let your heart be troubled. You believe in God. Believe also in me.” He said.
(John 14:1)

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

“An Accident?”

The book of John begins with the phrase “In the beginning.”
So does the book of Genesis, for that matter.

I love this phrase, because to me it suggests that life isn’t an accident.
Not mine. Not yours.

After all, beginnings don’t just happen by themselves.
Neither do they merely happen by accident.

Since my life is no accident, then no matter how dark or depressed I feel today, hope is the deep reality and truth of life. And death is no exception.

Jesus’ hope. It’s real. It’s forever. It’s no accident.

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

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