“Very Dry Dirt”

Yesterday, I dripped water onto some very dry dirt. I thought it would quickly be absorbed. But instead, it formed beads and ran off. But finally, slowly dripping more and more water on the same spot, the dirt slowly accepted the water.  Like the dirt, when I hear something I don’t like, I usually resist... Continue Reading →

“Enjoyable Anger”

Like all kids, I suppose, I would occasionally get angry, usually at my brother or sister.One day I noticed something. Sometimes as my anger cooled, I still wanted to feel angry. I didn’t want to be un-angry. The Bible calls this attitude “implacable.” An unwillingness to calm down, an unwillingness to make peace. Paul made... Continue Reading →

“This Too Shall Pass”

I suspect we’ve all heard the phrase: “This too shall pass.” On days when it seems that nothing is going quite right, and the day seems to lasts forever, I comfort myself with that thought. But then, so did Jesus. It is written that because of the joy set before Him, He endured the cross.He... Continue Reading →

“Deep Underground – Reliable Power”

Whenever power gets knocked out by storms, I hear discussions about running electric power lines underground instead of up on poles. Then I reflected to myself that the main question about power lines is: Are they reliable and especially when things get rough? And, when I think about it, it seems to me that my... Continue Reading →

“Crippled in India”

A crippled woman sat in a busy market in India, begging, looking deeply miserable, but receiving almost nothing. A Christian merchant made a sign for her. She couldn’t read it, yet people began dropping money in her cup. More and more. Finally, she asked someone to read the sign to her: “God is good, and... Continue Reading →

“A Spiritual Clipboard”

Last week, I noticed a clipboard abandoned on a table. It held things that might be useful, “just in case.” It occurred to me the Bible is like a clipboard. It’s filled with spiritual “just in case” thoughts. For instance: “Wisdom that descends from above” is “full of mercy...without partiality...without hypocrisy.” (James 3:17) I need to... Continue Reading →

“Beautiful Cover-up”

In India, women like to stain their feet and hands with a light, reddish-brown color. They call it Mehendi. It’s beautiful. But there’s a reason for this fashion—the daily grime of living in poverty. It’s a beautiful cover-up. Spiritually, I beautifully cover-up my selfishness and pride under the color of the good that I do... Continue Reading →

“Even Better Than Before”

I had just bought a small birdhouse basket.  At home, I noticed a small natural gap in the wood. So, I decided to use some carpenter’s glue and a small nail. After the repair, I realized that the basket was stronger than it was originally. And isn't that how it is, in Christ? We’re filled... Continue Reading →

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