“Below the Surface”

I sat outside in the lobby of family court where divorce and custody are dealt with.

Several other families also waited for their cases to be called.
Everyone seemed to be calm, and most were even pleasant.

Yet, inside everyone, tension was high. Passion seethed. Smiles veiled anger and hurt.
Some even laughed or chuckled, it was obviously forced.

Life isn’t always calm or pleasant, even when it seems so. And family court isn’t the only
place it’s that way.

I suppose it’s when stakes are highest that I need to remind myself that Jesus is my true
help. He has been there—and He is here.

So, I may be anxious, but I need not be worried. There is a difference.
“Don’t let your heart be troubled. You believe in God. Believe also in me.” He said.
(John 14:1)

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

“A Better Route?”

In the days before GPS and Google Maps, a friend of mine (let’s say Carl) told how he mapped
out the shortest route on a rather long trip.

He used all the info he could get his hands on.

Despite his best efforts, he arrived only after quite a few stops and delays.
But one of the locals suggested to him a better route back home.

Carl remarked, “Isn’t that like life? We make our best decisions but the short cuts aren’t shorter after all.”

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.
Having someone who knows the route makes all the difference.
And, I need to be willing to listen.

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

“A Heart of Faith”

I was looking at a small palm tree I had in my office, and I noticed that it grows differently than the oak and hickory trees where I live.

It grows near the top, from the center of a very small heart.

And this small heart is able to support the life of a whole tree—one that may grow to weigh thousands of pounds, able to withstand hurricanes and fires.

Jesus is the heart at the center of my life.
And in Him I can withstand the storms of life!
“Be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart” (Psalm 31:24)

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

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