“An Enjoyable Problem?”

Have you ever heard someone say something like: “Life’s an adventure”?

And I suppose I would agree, but I wonder if anyone has noticed that another word for that is “trouble.”

I mean, after all, who would pay to see an “action” movie where the hero didn’t have trouble with anything?

Even Superman has trouble with kryptonite (and, of course, problems with Lois Lane).

So, oddly enough, I sometimes pray for the ability to enjoy at least some of the troubles I have. After all, God has a purpose for my life — adventures and all. 

James 1:2
Dave “Tud” Nance

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“Just A Little Tint”

My aunt encouraged me to try my hand painting a landscape.
Why not start with the sky? So, I started with blue paint.

It was way too dark. Light blue didn’t work either –neither did lighter blue– in fact, nothing worked.

Then she suggested that I need to begin with pure white, adding just the ever-so-faintest amount of blue.

Touche’! Gorgeous!

And isn’t life with Jesus just this way?

Beginning with myself, life is way too dark. When I begin with Him, His light, life works much better.

Galatians 2:20
Dave “Tud” Nance

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“Intentional Beauty?”

I suppose you’ve occasionally noticed the tremendous beauty that exists in the world. A flower. A sunset. The music of a mother’s lullaby!

Of course, it isn’t everywhere. And that’s simply the way it has to be, since if everything were beautiful, then we’d have no way to notice beauty when we see or hear it. After all, beauty is a comparison with something less beautiful.

But, I’ve asked myself why does beauty exist? And why are not all things beautiful?

As Psalm 27:4 suggests “…it is good to behold the beauty of the Lord.”

I’m convinced that beauty exists to draw me closer to God. If I’ll simply take a moment to admire it, I’m naturally led to admire the one who created it.

So beauty, like everyone and everything God creates, has a purpose. A beautiful purpose. So I pray that I pay attention or I’ll miss much of the world’s beauty—and the beauty in you!

Dave ‘Tud’ Nance

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