“Deep Underground – Reliable Power”

Whenever power gets knocked out by storms, I hear discussions about running electric power lines underground instead of up on poles. Then I reflected to myself that the main question about power lines is: Are they reliable and especially when things get rough? And, when I think about it, it seems to me that my... Continue Reading →

“Crippled in India”

A crippled woman sat in a busy market in India, begging, looking deeply miserable, but receiving almost nothing. A Christian merchant made a sign for her. She couldn’t read it, yet people began dropping money in her cup. More and more. Finally, she asked someone to read the sign to her: “God is good, and... Continue Reading →

“A Spiritual Clipboard”

Last week, I noticed a clipboard abandoned on a table. It held things that might be useful, “just in case.” It occurred to me the Bible is like a clipboard. It’s filled with spiritual “just in case” thoughts. For instance: “Wisdom that descends from above” is “full of mercy...without partiality...without hypocrisy.” (James 3:17) I need to... Continue Reading →

“Beautiful Cover-up”

In India, women like to stain their feet and hands with a light, reddish-brown color. They call it Mehendi. It’s beautiful. But there’s a reason for this fashion—the daily grime of living in poverty. It’s a beautiful cover-up. Spiritually, I beautifully cover-up my selfishness and pride under the color of the good that I do... Continue Reading →

“Even Better Than Before”

I had just bought a small birdhouse basket.  At home, I noticed a small natural gap in the wood. So, I decided to use some carpenter’s glue and a small nail. After the repair, I realized that the basket was stronger than it was originally. And isn't that how it is, in Christ? We’re filled... Continue Reading →

“Bricks and Blocks”

I sat in my friend’s driveway. So, I noticed the bricks in his house, each absolutely identical. Then I began to notice that each one was actually quite unique. They’re identical only when I don’t pay attention. People too—we look, and maybe even act like so many other people.But God created us as individual. He knows... Continue Reading →

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