“A Foreign Language”

Have you ever listened to people talk in a language you don't understand? I've noticed I can learn a lot about what people are saying, even without understanding a single word. Sometimes they are friendly. Sometimes its just business. And how quickly emotions change as they talk. More importantly, love or respect are obvious—contempt or resentment—joy... Continue Reading →

“Below the Surface”

I sat outside in the lobby of family court where divorce and custody are dealt with. Several other families also waited for their cases to be called. Everyone seemed to be calm, and most were even pleasant. Yet, inside everyone, tension was high. Passion seethed. Smiles veiled anger and hurt. Some even laughed or chuckled,... Continue Reading →

“An Accident?”

The book of John begins with the phrase “In the beginning.” So does the book of Genesis, for that matter. I love this phrase, because to me it suggests that life isn’t an accident. Not mine. Not yours. After all, beginnings don’t just happen by themselves. Neither do they merely happen by accident. Since my... Continue Reading →

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